The podium and the glory

I’ve finished a few things lately:

Master Level I hat project

Master Level I Hat Project

This was a Ravelympics project.  I finished it in just a week.  I was surprised and pleased to have done it so fast.  I got good gauge, and most of my “jogless joins” went pretty well.  I’m a little nervous about one of the jogless joins, but hopefully it will be ok.

Oh, and despite my whining in a previous post that this was a fugly hat design.  It’s actually really nice looking on my husband!  Continue reading


Synchronize your stitches

I’m very excited to report that I’m closing in on the grand finale of my Master Level I project.  Although I’m still feeling very much the distractable hare in this race to the finish-line, I really feel like I have gotten myself back on track this week.  I should be able to finish my last swatch and final question by the end of tomorrow, and Friday, I will join in the mass cast-on to kick off the 2010 Winter Olympics to begin my final hat project!  Synchronize your stitches, everybody! Continue reading


Mystery swatches

Back in June sometime, which was the last time I worked on the Master Hand-Knitter Level I swatches, I finished swatches 7-12 (3 decrease swatches, 1 yo’s swatch, 2 eyelets swatches) and half of 16 (colorwork swatch).  The trouble is I didn’t wash or label any of them, and apparently thought I would remember what my system of knots and stitch markers meant in terms of which numbered swatch was which.  (stupid. stupid. stupid.)  Now I have to sort out 7-9 and 11-12; the swatches within those two sets look distressingly similar to one another.  Please don’t tell me I have to reknit just to identify them!?!?! Continue reading