The Master Knitter Challenge

This is the story of a knitter’s journey through a Master Hand Knitting program… and a multitude of fiber-arts distractions along the way.

The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) offers a three-level Master Hand Knitting correspondence program to challenge advanced knitters to improve technique and become proficient in a broad range of knitting skills.  Upon completion of the tasks for a level, samples of stitches and garments, as well as written work, are sent to a panel of judges for critique.  Most often, some of the samples or written work will need to be redone in order to pass the level.

To complete the three levels of the program is a mark of great proficiency and technical knowledge in knitting.

In looking for information on this program myself, I have benefited greatly from reading other people’s blogs, Ravelry galleries, and forum discussions.  I thought perhaps this blog could similarly contribute to available information about the experience of the Master Knitter’s program and other fiber-arts adventures.

I have so far completed Level I, and I want to let prospective Master Knitters know that it’s hard but not impossible, and it’s challenging but worthwhile.  The hardest part has been in overcoming my own obstacles of procrastination, life’s challenges, and my own knitterly stumbling blocks.  The first level took me about 21 months to complete including resubmission.  Had I not taken a couple of multi-month hiatuses, it might have taken me only 10 months.