Free Knitting and Fiber Crafting Printables

Dyer’s Notes Table:

A handy table for keeping notes on your dye experiments.  Because a good experiment should be repeatable!

Dyer’s Notes

Knitter’s Wallet Guides:

The following two printouts have cutting guides for “business card size” if you are printing on plain paper, or you can use some perforated commercial business card paper (not guaranteed to fit all brands).

For intermediate sock knitters who haven’t memorized all the steps yet, here are a bunch of reminders about executing the various steps of a sock (heel turning, gusset, toe decreases, Kitchener stitch).  At the bottom of the sheet are charts for you to record important knitting measurements.

Knitter’s Sock Reference

If  you just want the business card-sized measurement charts, here is a page of only those.  You can carry around the measurements of those you commonly knit gifts for and yourself too!  It might save you from those moments when you have a brilliant idea at work and have to explain to co-workers why you’ve just dropped everything to measure your bustline.

Knitter’s Measurement Cards

3 thoughts on “Free Knitting and Fiber Crafting Printables

  1. Oh, I love the Sock reference. I can never remember how to execute the Kitchener until it’s too late (and my toes end up looking funky).


    Love your 6/22/09 entry, BTW.

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