FTC Disclosure

FTC disclosure:

I tried the Amazon affiliate link thing for a hot minute, but it didn’t work for me.  There might be some posts around here with remnant information about that, although I’ve tried to clean that up.  At this time I generate zero income from this blog.  Any links to external websites are just there for your convenience so you can reference the thing I’m talking about.  I’m not making money here, I just write this blog because I like sharing my thoughts on crafty things!

Thus far, no brand or company has come by offering to give me product in exchange for reviews, however, I am open to that as long as you don’t expect an uncritical review of your brand/product.  I really enjoy giving a thoughtful critique.  And of course, you must also expect the FTC disclosure statement.

I also have a link to my Etsy shop in the sidebar of every page in which I sell mostly the byproducts of my crafting adventures.

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