Synchronize your stitches

I’m very excited to report that I’m closing in on the grand finale of my Master Level I project.  Although I’m still feeling very much the distractable hare in this race to the finish-line, I really feel like I have gotten myself back on track this week.  I should be able to finish my last swatch and final question by the end of tomorrow, and Friday, I will join in the mass cast-on to kick off the 2010 Winter Olympics to begin my final hat project!  Synchronize your stitches, everybody!

I’m not very good at guestimating my knitting speed, so I have only signed up for the Master Level I Hat.  But since my husband is planning to have a craftalympics along with me, I might actually get quite a bit of knitting done.  If I make good time in the “Hat Half-pipe”, I might just sign up for “Mitten Moguls” as well.  I’ve been yearning for a good pair of new mittens, and I’ve seen some amazing fair-isle mittens out there.  I might have to go for these Totoro mittens, seeing as I’m a big Studio Ghibli fan, and they are in a worsted weight yarn so I might have a shot at finishing them in time.  I adore these Squirrel Mittens, and I’ve already bought the pattern, but as they are done in a fingering weight yarn and they have a knitted lining too (!), I imagine they would take me months to finish.

Jenny Cloche

Speaking of finished, I finally got pictures of my Jenny Cloche.

It is adorned with an awesome pin from my grandmother.  I don’t really remember my grandma wearing a lot of jewelry, but I do remember her letting me play with her jewelry box full of fabulous costume-jewelry pins and clip-on earrings.  This big snow-flake-like piece really finishes the look of this hat.  But I’ll admit that it does like to snag on things with it’s pointy edges!

This was a fun pattern (you can buy it here on Ravelry), with it’s side-to-side ribbed brim and picked-up crown.  It came out nice and dense and squishy due to the quality of the mystery yarn (which turned out to be Mountain Colors New 3-ply Wool).  I think it’s now my warmest hat!

My final knitterly thought for the day is that I’m contemplating buying a knitting machine, with a knitting business idea in mind.  In a later post, I’ll explain in more detail what knitting machines are all about, but just to start the explanation on the right foot, a knitting machine is only a machine in the sense that a spinning wheel is a machine.  It’s a mechanical aid to speed your process a little, but it’s far from automated.  They seem to take a lot of mechanical aptitude to get the hang of, but I helped my sister set up one that I bought for her, and I think I can handle it.  Since I will be using it for a business (hopefully), I would like to get a used model that is older, but a little higher-quality.  I’ll explain more when I’ve gotten one.  Meanwhile, I found a quick little video that will show you how non-automated we’re talking:  Knitting Machine Video

Until next time, keep those needles (or needle-beds!) clicking!


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