Poking, creasing, and getting inky

The Florishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge for this week was to “Score it, Pierce it, Color it“. I initially thought that would be quite easy, as I have a retractable pick, and just lately picked up a scoring board and a handful of Distress Markers.

First I stamped the snowman with Archival ink.

Then, I tried to do the piercing to look like snowfall. I don’t have a cork mat for piercing, but the back side of my scoring board has molded plastic supports which made it an unexpectedly good support for the card while piercing it. I was able to vary the hole sizes to look more like snow.

Scoring using the scoring board was a little trickier than I expected, as my scoring tool kept jumping the track, but I eventually made some lines that I was pleased with to provide a sense of foreground. Of course, I later had to re-score the lines after I ironed the card, but I am getting ahead of myself.

For the background, I inked my craft sheet with Weathered Wood Distress ink pad, spritzed with some water and smoothed the card front into the result. I dried it with my heat gun, but it was quite warped and wobbley.

I inked colors into my image with a combination of Distress markers, and Distress ink pads used like watercolors with a brush. Because the background was so textured, the scored lines weren’t showing up well, so I tried to run an ink pad, and then a marker over the raised surface hoping to pick up the raised lines. Neither worked the way I hoped, and I tried to make the inked lines look more deliberately sketchy, but doing do practically obscured the scoring.

Then I had to iron the card because it was so warped from all that watery inking! After that, I rescored my lines. Definitely a lot more process to this card than most!


Ingredients: Distress ink pads & markers, Tim Holtz blueprints stamp, retractable craft pick, Martha Stewart scoring board, Archival ink

Learning and improvement: I now believe that texture details like scoring and piercing would have been more visible on a solid background. I think the scoring lines were too shallow for trying to drag the ink pad across them. I would try both texture effects again. I think I’ve also discovered that not all papers should be used for very wet ink treatments. I just used the front of the A7 card which seems like standard card stock. Next time I think I would work on a watercolor paper or other suitable surface, then mount it onto my card. That would give me more style options too, as I could mount a contrast paper underneath.

Loving it: I like how the colors turned out. Despite the fact that my background ink style sabotaged my texture efforts, I still think the overall effect is pretty. I like the sketchy, watercolor effect I got when coloring the stamp.