I have been working hard lately on improving the look of my blog.  One of those improvements was to update the theme and background, including designing a special header. What do you think of my look?

The next challenge has been to improve my “product” photography.  Product photography is the art and science of making small objects look awesome.  Since I work a desk job for most of the daylight hours (and Northeast Ohio isn’t known for it’s plethora of sunny days anyway), I don’t have the ability to stage photos with nice natural sun lighting too often.  I usually do my crafting after my baby’s bedtime and pictures are often taken after midnight!  So my photography set-up has to accommodate for my lighting deficiencies.


My new photography set-up: A work in progress!

My first step has been to address the background.  A scrap piece of posterboard that has been rolled up in a corner for too long makes a nice seamless sweep.  I just let it curl up around my sewing notions box.  I did invest in an $18 Neewer reflector/diffuser thing that turned out to be about twice the size I imagined when I ordered online.  Still, the diffuser part softens the light nicely and eliminates harsh shadows.  My Ottlight flexible desk lamp gives me full spectrum light – great for crafting and photography!

You may have noticed that this setup is pretty small.  Great for cards, ATCs, jewelry, and miniature figures for games.  But I’m going to have to refine this set-up the next time I try to photograph a scrapbook page or something larger than 6×6!  It’s always a learning process.


Photo taken with the new set-up

Photos below are recent photos that could have used some help from the new set-up!


Photo taken with the sweep, but without the diffuser to reduce shadows


Photo taken with a messy background