There are a lot of styles of scrapbooking out there.  Some seem to follow naturally from certain product-lines, like the pocket-style scrapbooks (Project Life, Sn@p Studio, and others) naturally tend towards a similar look because the pockets force the crafter to following the same layout scheme.  I’m not knocking the pocket-style system, May Flaum recently did a nice video on this style and really sold me on how great these systems would be for scrapbooking on a road trip!  So great for gathering ephemera! But the layout is constrained.

I am beginning to suspect other styles are regional.  When I first started following 7 Dots Studio, I thought I was seeing the work of just one designer who gravitated towards single-photo layouts with a foundation of beautiful, soulfully distressed-look papers, fantastic inky-messy splatters, and then the one small square photo encrusted around with embellishments and textures pulled together by ink-washes or distressed paint treatments.  I started to realize that all of the designers who contribute to the blog go for this same style.  I love it, but I started to wonder why it was so prevalent.  I recently started to realize that many of there contributors are living in eastern Europe, when I saw a recent contribution by a scrapbooking Guest Designer who happens to be Russian.

So maybe it’s a regional preference?  It certainly looks different than most of the American scrapbook bloggers that I follow, even those that work in distressed styles.  I’m quite curious about this particular layout and method of scrapbooking, so if anyone knows if this is a 7 Dots Studio-specific thing or a regional thing, I’d be delighted to find out!  Are there other styles of scrapbooking that seem to resonate geographically?

I definitely want to try one or two pages in this “European” style, but I don’t have plans to make a whole album using this small single-photo distressed style.  I definitely want to get my hands on some of the beautiful 7 Dots Studio papers at some point, though!


2 thoughts on “Geographically localized styles of scrapbooking?

  1. I hadn’t really thought about whether a scrapbook style is regional until you mentioned this.
    Here in Australia I have seen the mixed media single-photo layouts heaps but have not looked into if they are all Australian artist or from else where. I will have to investigate that further now.

    I do find that the styles come & go a while back it was minimalist clean & simple & I am seeing that come into cardmaking now. As with the pocket layouts I have been mixing them up with my traditional one page layout & trying to make the pocket layout work with the other page. I really do like to mix things up. Thanks for introducing me to 7 Dots Studio, If I don’t resurface for the next couple of week it will be because I am still savouring the beauty of the pages there.

    • Isn’t 7 Dots amazing? Hopefully they have a regional distributor near you. They’ve got online ones here in the states, I just haven’t had a chance to budget in a purchase yet. Their papers look so unique to me. I first stumbled onto the artist/designer Finnabair via some blog hop, and she designs some of the products for 7 Dots Studio. Gotta love blog hops for discovering new styles!

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