The Art of Challenges

Something I always appreciated about art classes was the project direction. The parameters of the assignment helped get my gears turning. E.g., make a wearable mask, make a drawing in charcoal on 24″x 36″ paper, make a two part registered linocut on an emotional theme. So I was very excited to discover that in the world of altered art, collage and paper crafts, “challenge blogs” are very popular.

Each challenge blog offers fresh guidelines for readers to share their work. Some are weekly, some monthly, and many even have prize support. Often they tempt readers to try a new technique or product.

As a spectator, I love to see the many interpretations of the technique or style du jour. As a possible contributor, I will have to work very hard not to buy all the things!!! I am such a sucker for new tools. But if I can restrain my spending, attempting challenges could be a great way to feel engaged in an artistic dialogue.

We’ll see if I can make time to attempt any!

Until next time, keep those die cutters cranking…


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