A new chapter: Papercraft

I always joked that the only crafts I didn’t care to do were paper crafts, but that if I ever had a kid, I’d get into scrapbooking.



I had dabbled very briefly in card making, because I really hate the sense of obligation to buy an impersonal card with “personal” sentiments. But in the days before blogs and Pinterest, it was hard for me to find inspiration, or to know what tools would help me on my way. So I had a few rubber stamps, brads and some papers in the back of a closet, but that was the extent of it.

I am great at jumping down the rabbit hole, so when I discovered the mixed-media, altered art style that many modern scrapbookers are using, I found myself deep in a new craft obsession. Not only is my son’s baby book coming along nicely, but I’m also working on a scrapbook for myself and one of family history.

Oh, and I have purchased a BigKick die cutting machine, and started amassing a small horde of dies, embossing folders, inks, mists, and these new-fangled cling stamps. All within the couple of months since I recovered my craft mojo post birth. Sometimes I scare me!

One thing that I adore about mixed media scrapbooking is that it gives me a chance to use all my other supplies in new ways. Fabric, jewelry bits, yarns, paints, and drawing implements are all fair game. I also like that it’s pretty modular and fast, meaning I can complete one or two steps per night (some even sitting on the couch), and have a finished piece in a few days at most. That feels pretty good for a time-starved first-time mom. Mind you, I am writing this at 4am, because baby got back to sleep and I couldn’t. That’s life with a new baby, I guess. But I wouldn’t trade my little guy even for time to craft all day – caring for him is the best “project” I could ask for, and every artist needs a muse.

Until next time… Keep the inspiration churning.


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