So much craftiness has been going on. But there has been so little time to share it. Operation Steampunk was successful for the gaming convention.

steampunk costume

Steampunk style 1

My embellishments to the jacket I made last year really elevated it into cool territory. My harness gained lots of resin and glitter filled vials, chains, and oddities. I added a “Gibson girl” hairstyle, and topped it with a mini hat that I finshed sewing on the ride to the convention.

Smaller functional details were improved too. The old embroidered purse that I converted into a belt bag was improved greatly by some strap adjustments. The harness gained some new belt holes and resewing straps was much aided by a new leather sewing needle/awl tool.

However, despite these accomplishments, I was really devastated by having my sewing/embroidery machine break in early May. I haven’t had time to take it for repairs. So there are many planned pieces that have moved to next year’s list: embroidered underskirts, bustle/ruffle layer, embroidered lace fascinator, lacey sewn top.

One major new costume detail also arose at the convention –

steampunk costume

I bought a corset! Now I’ve got to make the top strap on my harness removable, because there’s way too much visual clutter when I wear the corset. Until next time, keep those needles stitching!


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