The Lost Needle

I got onto a crafting binge this weekend.  Yes, I’m still a frantically reading and writing grad student.  And no, in my final semester I probably have less “time” than ever for crafting.  But I needed craft therapy.  I created some gorgeously outlandish spring floral necklaces.  I finally reupholstered a rocking chair cushion that had been in desperate need of love from someone other than the cats for many years now. 

But I still wasn’t knitting.

Today, on the bus ride home, with unusual determination I decided to reconnect with one of two lingering gift projects that have been my sole knitting for several months now.  I knit that sock happily all the way home.  I was so excited that I ran out and took pictures to show the world (and myself) that yes, I still knit.


Sock for Dad

And then just as I was taking this picture, that needle that wasn’t in stitches and was decoratively set to one side rolled off the railing and into the pine needles below.  A needle lost in the needle pile…

Will this be the end of my renewed knitting ambitions?  Will I ever finish these September belated presents?  Will I manage to knit a stitch or post anything until after finals are done?  Only time will tell.

I do feel certain that this will be a good summer for projects.

Until next time… Keep those needles clicking…


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