Startitis… I thought it could never happen to me…

I thought I’d never write a post about startitis.  Why?  Not because I never get the itch to start a few new projects all at once, but because I didn’t really believe it was startitis.  I just thought of it as a wave of inspiration that was going in multiple directions… perhaps I was a startitis denier.

Besides, usually when I have the urge to start several different projects, starting one or maybe two cures it.  I don’t have a problem with startitis…

I was listening to an old episode of the KnitPicks podcast last night (episode 97, I think).  I have become a big fan of KnitPicks over the years, and I love the podcasts, but I don’t always have time to listen, so I have gotten way behind.  However, I have recently been getting ahead of my husband in our audiobook novels, so I have been taking the opportunity to catch up with my favorite podcast.  I digress.  I was listening to Ms. Petkun debate whether she was suffering from startitis as she described casting on for four projects in a short span of time, and I did some counting.

I have cast on five new projects in less than three weeks.

None of them are “replacement projects” for something I’ve recently finished (an important dividing line noted by Ms. Petkun).  All five projects are gifts, and three are already belated, two were belated when I cast on, one quickie I finished just a few days after I started.

In the wake of the incredible rush of the steampunk swap, something seemed to snap in my head.  Or maybe a light went on (off?).  I don’t know.  But suddenly I felt like “if I can knit massive projects for internet friends on a deadline, why can’t I knit more for my family?”  Maybe the counter argument is that because for my family I seem to get inspired by the knitted-gift-giving bug only a week before each of their birthdays and I had three months to deal with the steampunk swap project.

So I have cast on five new projects in less than three weeks.  This wouldn’t be so drastic, I suppose, if I had no other things on the needles, right?  But wait, I do have things on the needles already!

Directly after the steampunk swap I grabbed, for travel knitting, a badly screwed up sock project that had been languishing for nearly a year.  I finished the second sock pretty quicly, and frogged the messed up original from last year.  I’m now cruising down the instep towards the finish line of the very first handknit socks that will be for me.

There is also a 75% complete brioche winter scarf and a 70% finished cabled wrap close at hand to my spot on the couch that I back-burnered for the summer, but I still intend to finish in the next few months.  And let’s never mind the 2 or 3 projects that are languishing in the “I’ve started it but so far it’s not as fun as I thought” category (two of them involve crochet, that’s probably much of the problem).

So depending on how you count such things, I have anywhere from 7-10 projects on the needles…

Only one of my current projects (the sock) makes a good commuting project.  The rest are couch projects… I am in such trouble!  I need to contemplate turning one of the gift projects that was intended for the machine into a travel project.  We are riding down to Columbus next week for a boardgaming convention, and I will have some serious knitting time to help me catch up.

Until next time, keep those needles clicking… mine will be clicking frantically!


2 thoughts on “Startitis… I thought it could never happen to me…

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! I haven’t done a project, not really, since the wedding flowers. Celebrate your many projects, all worthy, even if some of them never see their end. I look forward to some cold winter nights to snuggle up with some bright yarn and make monsters soon. And tea and knitting with you!

    • I certainly hope most of them see the finish line! I did finish one this weekend, short of blocking it. That one’s for you, actually!

      However, then I cast on another something new! So I can’t really get any brownie points for reducing my “in progress” load. I couldn’t resist though, I was out towards everyone’s favorite yarn store River Color Studio, and I haven’t been there in ages! I couldn’t resist buying some really inspiring yarn and cast it on that night.

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