TKGA Master Level I complete

I know I haven’t reported on the TKGA Master Knitter program in while, but there is actually a lot to say.  I just have to take the time to digest it and process some images for you.  So look for that report coming next.  The short version is that I got a very nicely written reply to my March Level I submission within the same month that I sent it out.  There was one swatch to redo, a few questions, and some pattern editing for the custom cable.  I finally finished the redo’s after much summertime non-knitting, and got my acceptance within two weeks.

There are still some things that I need to improve for Level II.

I rewarded myself on my Level I completion by buying Level II, and by buying the grand-mammy textbook of knitting The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt.  A reprint has been rumored for years, and the prices on the original can be astronomical, but I finally decided to think of it as a “textbook” to justify the price to myself (I had to pay $189 dollars for a chemistry textbook once).  I got it for about $147 on ebay, and count myself lucky as copies on are going as high as $535.  Now even if they never do a reprint, I will have this venerable book.  And I understand that part of the reason that the reprint is so long in coming is that the author wanted to revamp a lot of the material, so perhaps it’s good to have the original for that reason too.  New editions are not always a blessing.

I have borrowed this mighty tome so many times from my library, that I just feel I need to have my own.  Hopefully my ebay copy arrives safely and in decent condition.

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