Toys make me feel clever

I don’t knit toys very often, that’s usually my sister’s territory.  She has produced a number of wonderful knitted toys and finger-puppets both from her own design and from patterns.  I love toys, and even as an adult I’ve acquired many, I’ve even sewn several sock monkeys,  so I don’t know why I’ve neglected this area of knitting.  Having recently completed  only my second knitted toy (if I recall correctly), I can safely say that I understand why my sister likes knitting toys.  They make me feel clever, even if I’m going from a pattern.  It’s really fun to watch complicated 3-d objects curling off of the needles.  This particular one required a fair amount of seaming, which wasn’t my favorite aspect, however, the result was very worthwhile.

Knitted Dragon from Nicky Epstein pattern

Knitted Dragon from Nicky Epstein pattern

This is the “Hai-Riyo” pattern from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on Top of the World

Sometime after Father’s day has past by (no need to overshadow celebrations of the male parent), I will be giving this to my Mother-in-law who collects dragon things.  My husband and I have a fun way of giving the gift planned, we are going to send a series of photos to her via email in a “Flat Stanley” fashion of the dragon in various places along with a little story in news-clipping style about an orphan dragon looking for home.  The above photo is for the news-clipping, to be captioned “small dragon seen flying over city”.

And just to prove that I have been knitting in the past months, here is the progress on a couple of projects:

Birch Shawl, Update

Birch Shawl, Update

From Rowan 34, this is the stockinette version of “Birch”

I swear, I will finish this, my first lace shawl, someday, and it will be a joy to wear, even if I was purling wrong for half of it, and I started it over a year ago.

Cable Shrug Update

Cable Shrug Update

This “Helsinki Hat-Scarf” from Rowan 42 is dense stuff, I could probably go up a needle size but I’m getting good gauge, and the cables really pop in the dense fabric.  I know it will be a pleasure to wear, but as summer heats up, I am less inclined to work on this wooly beauty.  It’s slow going, and it’s hard to remember what row I’m on if I forget to move along my pattern-keeper magnets before I walk away from it.

And finally, although I don’t have photographic evidence, I am back to working on my TKGA Master Knitter Level I!  I picked up my instructions again, realized that I already know how to do 2 of the 3 decrease swatches in my sleep, and that the eyelet swatches are spelled out, so I feel confident that I can cruise along and make some decent progress.  My goal is to finish Level I before fall when I enter into a graduate program… but I have a lot of other things I plan to finish before then as well, so we’ll see what ends up getting accomplished.

I’ve come to terms with it, but I think Swatch #6 will be a reject for sure.  I really struggled with the lifted increase.  I had never done it, all the instructions I found seemed to conflict, Montse Stanley’s book had the most confusing diagram and I just don’t feel like I got it right.  Maybe I’ll come back to it once I’ve finished the other swatches, but with other kinds of educational programs, my modus operandi is to let someone else correct me when I’m this frustrated and confused.  I guess this is the real reason that I haven’t messed with the Master Knitter work for a while, I just got burned-out on that one rotten swatch.

One last thing to note on the fiber front, this Saturday, I am going with my Mom to her guild’s annual “Dye Day”.  I am so excited!  They will be Kool-aid dyeing, rust dyeing and vegetable dyeing silk scarves and skeins of yarn.  I’m totally inspired to do some dyeing at home too.  I haven’t dyed in a while, but I have quite a collection of things I’ve been intending to dye including a KnitPicks sock-blank, some KP Peruvian Bare and my husband has nearly finished a warping board for me to do some self-striping patterns as well.  And I just recently heard about using solar heat to Kool-aid dye, so I’m looking for just the sunny day to try that out.  Lots of exciting things I want to try… I just hope “Dye Day” doesn’t get rained out!

PS. The mini-cabled socks I posted about last month were well received:

Mini-Cabled Socks

Mini-Cabled Socks

One thought on “Toys make me feel clever

  1. Yes, yes, toys are fun, and look so much more complicated when finished then they are to make. Love toys, love them!
    The dragon is quite adorable.

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