A word about graph paper

I have been looking around at different graph papers that I might use for knitting designs.  A co-worker gave me a freebie pad of graph paper (with a sponsoring agency’s logo on it) that just so happens to be ruled so that it’s blocks are wider than they are tall.  If you’ve looked into charting your own designs before, you probably have already been informed that knit stitches are not perfectly square, which makes using regular graph paper for your designs misleading.

So my freebie pad of graph paper is kind of nice with it’s rectangular blocks (although I have no idea why it was ruled that way for the industry I work in, it makes no sense).  It’s not quite knit-stitch-proportioned, but at least I can sketch ideas and charts on it and be on the right track.  But once the idea is sketched, I would need paper with a more accurate ratio to chart designs.

I have looked around, and there are a lot of neat sites where you can create custom knitter’s graph paper by plugging in stitch ratio, number of blocks etc.  But I wanted some knitter’s graph paper just to put in my binder and have handy when an idea strikes.  So today I found a website that has ready-to-print graph paper in landscape or horizontal for regular letter-sized paper (also offered in A4 for the non-US folks), and it’s given in two standard knitter’s ratios.  Perfect!  Here’s the link: The Knitting Site

So now I am all set to design an intarsia summer tank in some cotton yarn that I have lying around.


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