When I first started this blog, I envisioned being able to regularly update based on only Master-Hand-Knitter discoveries.  As it turns out, my life is not that streamlined.  Other knitting distracts me, and other things distract me.  Therefore, in order to post regularly (which is good blog-keeping etiquette, regardless of whether anyone actually reads this thing), I feel the need to expand my scope a little.

So here are my latest distractions:  I finished a fingerless mitt with a simplified argyle motif on it (“Elva Argyle” by Ellen Bartz).

Argyle wristwarmer

Argyle wristwarmer

I started this project because I wanted to make argyle socks for my husband but never have done colorwork, so I needed a practice intarsia project.  Within a month of starting the wristwarmers, I began the TKGA Master Hand-Knitter program, so the preparation for argyle took on a whole new meaning (there is an argyle sock requirement in Level II).

I completed the wristwarmers on 3/7, approximately three months after starting the TKGA program.  There was a fascinating “gauge accident” between mitt 1 and mitt 2.  Apparently my gauge has tightened up dramatically since beginning the TKGA program, because mitt 2 was a good half-cm smaller in both width and length.  Oops!  The good news is that my husband (recipient of the wristwarmers) sees this as great proof of how much I am learning in the Master Hand-Knitter program.  Not only is mitt 2 smaller, but the fabric is denser and it really is a much better-executed piece.  Fortunately, the differences between mitt 1 and 2 are not that noticeable unless you really look, so there’s no risk of fashion faux-pas.

The other recently completed project is this: a brown “yarnover steeked” vest (from Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham).

Brown steek-front vest

Brown steek-front vest

This I finished on 3/4 as part of my stash-busting campaign in which I am using my Ravelry queue to keep me motivated and their pattern-search to find patterns to use up the yarn I already have using patterns from books I already own (thrifty, right?).  There will be a lot of vests as it seems I never buy quite enough yarn for a whole sweater.

Meanwhile, although I have worked Swatches #4 & 5, I have been much more interested in playing with a two-at-a-time magic loop sock pattern.  I have also been trying to get through a few more rows of a shawl (shawl rows are entirely too long).

I am drifting, I know.  I really need to complete my “Care of Knitwear” report soon so that I can return some books to the library.

Thanks to a recent birthday, my personal library has expanded quite a bit.  I now have most of the new Harmony stitch guides (ed. Erika Knight), plus the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, and Spin to Knit by my local fiber hero Shannon Oakey.  I also received some absolutely luscious dyed roving from my Mom, so further distractions are forthcoming!

The final nail in the distraction coffin is that it’s almost spring and my garden needs my attention too.  C’est la vive!

Crocuses in my yard

Crocuses in my yard


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