Flawed purls

I picked up some of the knitting reference books I ordered from the library this weekend.  I had half of a shelving cart to myself, I had so many books come in at once.  I eagerly started rifling through the most famous ones (the Montse Stanley and June Hiatt books) as Steve drove us to the next errand.  Within minutes my stomach was sinking through the floor.  I have been twisting my purls all along.

I have been twisting my purls for the last 9 years.  I have been twisting my purls for over 60 knitted projects.  How have I never noticed?

The raised edge on the sides of the "v's" are because of the twisted purls

The raised edge on the sides of the "v's" are because of the twisted purls

To start with, I want to point out that this is my own fault, and no one else’s.  My Mom (stepmom) taught me the basic stitches over winter break one year because I could not figure out knitting from books.   I went back to college and did many simple garter stitch projects and didn’t think of purling for a good long time.  By the time I ever tried to purl for a pattern, I distinctly remember having to go back to some basics book to try to figure it out again.    Clearly, I should have gone back to Mom to make sure I was purling correctly, too.

Knowing about these twisted stitches might make a difference in my “tension” issues that I was perceiving in ribbing.  I picked up a few other ideas of where my knitting faults might be too.  Clearly, the Master Knitting program is already doing a great job of making me a better knitter, and I haven’t even gotten close to a critique yet!  The research has already been very fun and very informative.  Although, there is something very humbling about knowing that I’ve been doing one of the basic 2 stitches wrong all along.  It makes me feel like my presumption in taking on the Master Knitting program has gone to a whole new level of audacity!

I can see now why everyone loves the old Montse Stanley and June Hiatt books so much, they really are very clearly written and have very particular focuses (eg. cast-ons: Stanley) that complement each other well.  I have heard that the old edition of the Montse Stanley book has recently gone out of print (and that the new version is a stripped-down piece of dag), so I think I will order a copy very soon (it’s only $14).  I have also heard a rumor that the June Hiatt book, which is currently out of print and used copies are going from $140-300, will be coming out as a new edition in the early fall!  So I think I will wait on the June Hiatt book, seeing as I am trying to do this adventure as economically as possible for luxury learning.

Here’s to great resources, no matter how humbling the learning process may be.

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