One down, fifteen and a hat to go

I have finished knitting Swatch #1.  The ribbing section has a little distortion on some of the stitches, but I’m thinking (hoping) it is minor enough to block out.

TKGA Level I, Swatch #1

TKGA Level I, Swatch #1

I haven’t yet woven in my yarn tails, as I wanted to first read up on the duplicate stitch method of hiding tails which seems to be the preferred method of the TKGA.  Their “On your way to the Master’s” articles are incredibly helpful.  I never really bothered to figure out what I should really do with yarn tails.  I would just take up the darning needle and poke it around a few times on the back of the work until “secure” (“secure” is the universal euphemism all patterns seem to use for what to do with the tail).

Now I have read TKGA/Cast-On’s  “What to do with those pesky yarn tails” article, and I feel so much smarter about finishing!  They had great pictures too where they wove in tails with a contrasting color of yarn so you could really see where the yarn goes and how well it is hidden on the right side.  It turns out to that a carry-and-catch-behind method for hiding yarn tails is acceptable in complicated colorwork (ie. Kaffe Fassett), which is funny, because I thought I had made that method up as a lazy way to “secure” the cast-on ends so I wouldn’t have to go back.  I believe they call it “spontaneous diffusion” when the same idea occurs to multiple people in multiple places without exposure to one another.

I ordered some more yarn that I believe (having researched Ravelry extensively), should be sufficient yarn to get through all of the Level I and Level II swatches and projects.  So here’s the current cost tally:

$119 for TKGA membership/Level I Master’s Program

$7.60 for NatureSpun natural yarn for swatches (from LYS Cornerstone Yarns in Richfield, Mom’s favorite store)

$43.12 for various sock weight yarns intended for an argyle sock (which I am now saving for the Level II argyle sock project) and a couple balls of worsted weight green that I will use for contrast-color swatching and the level II fair-isle mitten (from KnitPicks, bought back in Sept.)

$53.24 for natural worsted weight (swatching), 10 balls in a light blue for the Level II vest, a couple of other colors of worsted weight for the fair-isle mitten at Level II (from KnitPicks)

Total so far: $222.96

There will probably be some sock yarns left over from this, I’m kind of hoping to get a second pair of argyles out of this yarn, as I just today realized that I can’t use black as the base color for TKGA (they want to be able to really see my stitches, but black would look so much better!).   I am already knitting another small project out of the sock yarn, but that’s for Steve so I can’t reveal too much about it, other than it’s my first colorwork ever!

On a total nerd note, I have my little binder all set up, with super-heavy page protectors from Sam’s Club.  I have a huge stack of books that have come in from the library, and I can’t wait to rock on the next swatch!


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