How much I don’t know

Having read through all of the requirements of the Master Knitter program Level 1, I now know how much I don’t know.

I really don’t think I’ll be able to get a single one of the swatches done without at least a little research.  This is good, mind you, I’m happy to know this will be a fully rigorous academic as well as craft exercise.  But it sure is making me feel like I don’t know anything!

For example, although I know a couple of ways to increase and decrease, I don’t know what ways will be unobtrusive in ribbing.  Therefore, I can’t even get through swatches 1 and 2 without research.  For swatch 3, I know two different stitches that are sometimes called “seed stitch”, I’m assuming they mean the American one, but I can’t remember which of the two that I know is the American one.  I don’t know what “Blended” vs. “Full Fashioned” decreases means.  I don’t know if my cables have even tension on either side, but I think I’m guilty of some distorted crossing stitches.  And just last night, my newly technique-focused eye realized that the 1×1 ribbing that I’m working on a gift hat has distorted stockinette ribs on one side… and I don’t know why!

This, of course, is why I’m going through this program.  To be more technically proficient and have a profound understanding of the why’s and the wherefore’s of my favorite craft.  But I hoped I’d know something.

Even my book collection shows a stunning lack of usefulness.  I have over 30 knitting books, and yet only one of them shows up on the recommended bibliography.  Ouch!  My collection is all pattern books… lovely, inspiring, fashionable… and pretty much useless when it comes to learning good technique.  Fortunately, I belong to a wonderful public library system, otherwise, I would never get through this.

Let the researching begin!


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